3 Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono

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Versatility… That’s what at the end of the day we all need from our wardrobe. We need to buy and have pieces that we can wear multiple times in different ways. When you’re out shopping and really like a piece, always think of how many different ways you can wear it. This will make such a difference on your shopping habit and your wardrobe will make a lot more sense. A kimono is one of those pieces that’s very versatile. You can style this this in so many different ways. So today I’m showing you 3 different ways you can wear a kimono.

I’ve owned so many throughout the years but at this moment this is the only one I have (believe it or not), and I’ve used it so much already.

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Open

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Open.

Add this as a your third layer piece. Think of it as a cardigan or sweater but a lot more light weight. This is the perfect accent to add to your basic piece, see my must have basics here. The one I have here, has vibrant colors so I have to pair it with neutral basics. Here I left it open for a more casual laid back kinda look. Some high wasted jeans, a black top and some platforms. With this combination you will instantly look taller and the kimono will take this outfit to a whole different level. You will feel a lot more sophisticated.

Knotted at the waist

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Waist

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Waist.

This if my favorite way to style this kimono. Because of the fact that this kimono is so long I’ve been able to knotted at my waist and make it look like it’s shorter. I love pairing this with my knee length black body con dress and some heel sandals. Actually I wear this to work quite often. It’s easy, simple and you make a statement. You are able to work with your silhouette so for me, since the kimono is so flowy and loose, pairing it with this tight dress makes my curves show a little more.

As a Top

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Top

Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono - Top.

This is for all the plunge neckline lovers… You can make this kimono a top and pair it with some high waist bell bottom jeans. Very 70’s, but I like it! Since this kimono has so much fabric because of it being that long, you can easily wrap this around or very tight and transform it into a top. If you’re the type of person that does not like to have that much cleavage, not a problem, add a lace bralette and it will look great. Here I have it paired with some high waited straight jeans. I’m on the hunt for some high waisted bell bottoms, so if you know where I can find them, let me know on the comments below!

3 Different Ways You Can Wear a Kimono -Pins

Having versatile pieces in your closet will help you create a lot more different looks for any type of occasion. When you shop, be smarter and think on how many ways you can wear that item you like. That’s why I’m showing you guys different ways you can wear a kimono. Let’s be honest, we all buy this one statement piece that it’s probably occasion specific, but those should be the exception.

This is actually the only kimono I own and is somewhat a statement. It has bright and colorful colors so it stands out.My way of maximizing this is by using it in different ways like the ones I mention. Add some fun accessories to the outfit like some statement earrings, a scarf or your favorite bag. You don’t have to own a ton of clothe to create different looks. And you definitely don’t have to spend a ton of money on each piece. This kimono is from Forever 21 and when I bought it, it was on the sale section and it ended up costing me around $7. So don’t go and break your bank.


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