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Let me start by admitting that I have an addiction. I’m all about accessories lately and let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with affordable statement earrings. I need and want every statement earring I come across on. So, today I’m sharing my most resent and favorites ones.

It’s amazing how your outfit can go to the next level by only adding accessories. And as we all know, statement earrings are the most trending accessory this season.

The cool thing about this accessory is that you can be wearing some jeans and a t-shit, and if you throw some super cute, colorful statement earrings you will look a lot more put together. Trust me, your outfit will instantly look 10 times better and it will look like it had a lot of time and though put into it. This is the part of my outfit that I like to show more daring and also more creativity. This and handbags 🙂 Also, is probably the cheapest part of your outfit and it gives you some wiggle room to have different options.

When it comes to where I buy all or most of my accessories, hands down Forever21  and Target are my go to places. You can find so much variety and for such a bargain. I also frequent a Texas local store. If you are in Dallas you probably know what Sam Moon is. This store is accessories heaven! In this store you can find any style there is. Don’t be scared to go shop on even more affordable places. For example Walmart. I’ve found so many cute styles of statement earrings for only $5. And to be hones, you will never see the difference once you have them on.

Here are a couple of shoppable options of my favorite statement earrings. I do have most of these on my collection. And all of these are less than $15! So you can’t say no to these 🙂

I’m not they type that will spend a lot of money on these type of earrings… this is a trend that changes constantly. So, I prefer to have a couple of more affordable options and be able to mix and match a little bit more with my wardrobe.

What’s your favorite store to buy this kind of jewelry? Also, which style do you guys prefer? Would love to know where else I can buy them 🙂





19 thoughts on “Affordable Statement Earrings”

  1. I love the earnings. I used to have my ears pierced I attempted 3 times and each time the holes just closed up. Do they sell clip on ones for those few of us who don’t have their ears pierced? you can’t beat the price that’s for sure. They all look so pretty

  2. These are so gorgeous! I love fun jewelry but when they are trendy vs classic pieces it’s always night to get them on a budget!

    1. They are so much fun! Mostly when you don’t want to dress up but want to look cute just add one of these and you are set!

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