10 Basic Pieces you Need In Your Closet

Going shopping for what’s on trend is a lot of fun, and I know we all love it. We all want to be on trend and be on top of the fashion game. But there are some basic staple pieces we all need to rock out outfits even more. So, today I’ll be sharing with you guys my 10 basic pieces you need in your closet. What’s great about these basics is that you can wear them all year long, these are not specific to one season only.

Having all these basic pieces in your closet will help create a better canvas for all those trendy pieces. We would be looking like clowns if we were to incorporate all the trends of the season on one outfit, right?! This is another reason to keep your basics on the natural palette. White, black, beige, grey… You can have all sorts of color combination if you start with a natural palette. What are the 10 basic pieces you need in your closet??? Keep on reading.

White Tshirt

This is such a staple! First of all, white goes with everything. A white t-shit is a very versatile basic that you can easily dress up or down. You can pair this up with some denims and sneaker for a more casual look. Or, pair it up with some black trousers, a blazer and some pumps and you are good to go to work or even a night out.

White Button Down Shirt

This piece will help you give some structure to your outfit. There are so many different styles of these type of top that you can pick and choose the ones that fit more your style. You can choose between the fabric, they type of neckline or even the type of sleeve you want. The most basic one is a simple cotton button down but if you’re like me, you have to go a little extra to make that piece pop while at the same time keeping it pretty basic and simple.


Hands down the best layering piece! Minimum I have this in black, white and navy blue. This go very well under jackets, blazers and even alone. In the summer I love wearing these alone because you always feel fresh and comfortable. Once the transition to fall starts to arrive these would pair well with cardigans, leather jackets, denim jackets.


Oh this is one of my favorites! Blazers give so much structure and personality to your outfit and they instantly make you feel like a girl boss. This is another basic that you can pair more with your style. I suggest sticking to basic colors like black or white. Going to heavy on style with a bold color will limit your options on how many times you can wear it or the different ways you can rock this basic.

Little Black Dress 

The LBD we can never forget about. I think this is one of the easiest outfits you can put together and instantly look like a million bucks. This is another piece that you can adapt to your style. There are so many styles of LBD you can choose from. You can choose the fabric you like, the length, the type of sleeve and so many other things. But always always keep it classy and versatile.


This is one of the basic pieces you need in your closet ASAP. This piece is so versatile. You can use it for going to work, running errands and even for a GNO. Always choose black as your basic color, this will help you have a lot more outfit combinations and you will be able to maximize this piece.


Who doesn’t own denim?! But for your basic piece don’t just choose any type of denim. Be very specific of the type of fit and color these will have. Think, if you can only have one pair of jean, how would they be? Lean towards a high waited, straight leg mid wash blue jean. They pretty much go with any type of outfit.

Black Jeans

This is another perfect piece you all need. Styling a pair of black jeans is the most easy task and you can literally be out the door withing minutes. For me, this is the piece I gravitates towards when I honestly don’t have time to put an outfit together. Black goes with anything and since this piece is jean material is very easy to dress up or dress down.

Pointy Toes Pumps

This are my favorite type of heels. There’s something about them that makes me feel like a million bucks. These type of heel make your legs look longer and makes you look feel a lot more sophisticated. I have these in white, black, nude and I kinda want them in red also. This is the perfect style of heel that look amazing in every color and with any type of outfit.

Tennis Shoes

I feel this is the it trend right now. Everyone is rocking the “dad sneaker” trend. And don’t get me wrong, I love it, I just don’t see myself buying those type of sneaker. I’m more of a classic Adidas tennis shoe. The one that looks sporty enough to rock a more laid back outfits but not so sporty that looks like I’m going o the gym. if that make any sense… Would you agree?

You can instantly make all these basic pieces look a lot more by adding some accessories. Include statement earrings; see my favorites here, add a belt, you can also add a scarf to it, here are different ways to use one. There are endless possibilities to spice up your basic pieces to make them look amazing.

10 Basic Pieces You Need In Your Closet

If you have all these basic pieces you need in your closet you can conquest any outfit. Don’t think that because these are basic timeless pieces you can’t find them in affordable retailers. Wrong, never think that way. I’ve found my very best basic pieces at places like Target, Forever 21, H&M and so many other affordable stores and online stores. So, if you’re like me, always start with what you know best. Always take care of them and they will literally last you so many wears. Hope these 10 basic pieces you need in your closet helped you in any way. Please go ahead and let me know what are your favorite basics and why! Would love to know your answers.


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  1. I really need to find a basic white buttoned down! But you really need one that has a good fit and structure. Still have yet to find it!

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