Work Wear Wednesday – Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt

Another work outfit coming at ya! What do you guys think of Work Wear Wednesday?!  I have to be honest, dressing for work is  hard work. Having to put outfits together the entire week is not an easy task. You have to think about what pants to wear with this top, what shoes combine, what purse to add to what outfit and to top it all off… no outfit repeating for at least 2 weeks. I always say that you have to give people time to forget before wearing an outfit again. Now, having statement pieces like this foil stripe tie-sleeve shirt makes my planning a lot more easy.

 Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

For me, this is a statement piece. Think of it as this being the main subject. You work around this top and combine it with your best basic pieces, see my must haves here. This time, I paired this with my favorite black Banana Republic trousers (which I thrifted), my black pumps and my Chloe Nile bracelet bag dupe, that you might have seen here. This is another great outfit for you go to a client meeting, a corporate meeting, or for just being the fabulous you from 9-5.

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

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Now, let’s talk about the details… The top is covered with foil gold. This is such an elegant detail and helps you bring a little bit of color into this outfit, if you’re wearing all black like me here. And the tie-sleeves, this is my favorite attribute of this top. It’s the fun element of the entire outfit. Details like this will let everybody know that you obviously know what you are doing and that they can call you boss from that point onward. LOL, I wish right!

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt -Pins

Aside from being a statement piece, this is also a very versatile piece. You can combine it with almost anything, jeans, skirts, colored trousers, basically anything! This was a Christmas gift from my beautiful mom, so I don’t have the link for you guys. I do have some similar tops that I’ll link down blow. This foil stripe tie-sleeve shirt style is one thing for sure you need in your wardrobe. Do you have a statement piece like this? Let me know on the comments down below… Also, tell me what do you guys think about starting a series, maybe once or twice a month of Work Wear Wednesday… Let me know!!!


My Best Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re like me, shopping if one of your weaknesses. Yes I admit it! But with time we all learn a thing or two when it comes to shopping hacks. With time I’ve learn the how to’s, the when, the were, I’ve learned it all. And I like to think that I’ve made some good decisions a long the way. So I wanted to share all those details with you and tell you my best shopping hacks you need to know.

do your research

When we go shopping is because we want something. It can be a specific item or because we are looking into creating an outfit. I recommend this with trends. As we all know, trends come and go, so do your due diligence and research. First, is this part of your style? Will you wear this more than once? How long will this trend be going on? Ask yourself all those questions before making the move on buying something that you will stop using 3 weeks from purchase.

Create inspiration boards

Pinterest will be your best friend through this process. I can honestly say that I go to Pinterest, almost daily, to find different outfits as inspo. Check out my Pinterest page here. Create one or multiple boards defining your style. Some can be for work, other can be for a night out. Having an inspiration board will help you go shopping more focused.

be part of their email list

I know what you may be thinking, my email is going to get flooded with emails from all these different sites and brands. Yes, that’s true. But this is a great shopping hack that you need to know and you need to start doing. There are so many impromptu sales that happen, mostly online, that you can take advantage of.  If you don’t want your email filled with all these promotions, create a new one only for this type of thing. And that’s the only email you are going to give stores and brands so that they can send you all their good stuff through email. I know most people hate giving their emails. And to be hones I don’t give my email to every store, only the ones I do frequently buy from.

Shop on holiday sales events

We all know those times of the year were retail stores goes crazy with sales. I mean, Labor Day, Christmas, Black Friday… and the list goes on and on. If you’re not in a hurry wait till one of those sales event to buy what you are looking for. And something I’ve notices throughout the years is that some retailer have an even better sale happening leanings towards the holiday. So always keep an eye on your favorite retailers on those big dates.

Shopping Hacks you Need to Know.

Always start at the sales section

This has become a habit of mine. I’ve always been a girl on a budget, so is natural for me to start from this section. For me, this is one of the best shopping hacks you need to know. You can find so many good stuff in these section. Sometimes they even have a sale of the sale going on. I’ve found pieces that end up being $1.50. Some of them even from the current season. I’ve found dresses, kimonos, jeans and so many other amazing pieces,basic pieces are among these finds. If you know your style, you can full off an outfit from the sale section and no body will even know how much you ended up paying for it.

buy off season pieces

You can save so much money by buying off season pieces. Most of them are on sale and you can get a lot more for your money. You may not find the latest designs but you can invest more in your basic pieces, check out the basics you need here. Keep that inspiration board handy and look for those style pieces that you once pinned. If you keep this with your favorite basic pieces you will end up having a much more richer wardrobe throughout the seasons.

use ebates

I can not even begin to tell you how much you will save with this. This is by far the best shopping hack you need to know, my favorite. If you don’t know what Ebates is, you need to click here and start your account like yesterday. This site gives you cash back on every site partner that you shop on. And they have a ton of retailers. I use the plug in in my computer, and every time I visit one my favorite sites a notification pops in and tell me how much percent in cash back I can get. I’ve literally been able to shop out of the cash back I’ve earned.

Shopping Hacks You Need To Know - Pin

Going shopping does not mean you have to spend all your money. Or that you have to buy everything that’s on trend. You just have to be a lot more smarter and savvy while shopping. It will save you time and money. These are my best shopping hacks you need to know, I use them all the time and it has worked wonders. Hope it does the same with you guys. Let me know on the comments down below what other hacks you practice that works for you.


The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer

Dressing up for work is one of my favorite things to do. I love taking into life all those outfit inspo I’ve Pinned to my Pinterest board. I work in a creative environment so I have more leeway with my outfit options. That’s why I wanted to share with you one of my favorite outfit options for this time or year.  And to be honest for me this is the perfect work outfit for this summer.

The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer.. ..

The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer.. .

I love basics, see my must haves here. So being able to mix and match my basic pieces with other trendy ones is one of my favorite things to do. This bodycon dress is probably one of my top choice from my basic pieces. It is so easy to style, it goes with everything. Here, I’ve styled it with a blush pink blazer and some white pointy toe pumps.

I’m so in love with this look. When I wear this I feel like such a boss babe. That’ why I feel this is the perfect work outfit for this summer! I’m ready to go to work and conquer the day.

The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer.

The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer

You can see that there’s proportion to this outfit. I have a very tight midi length black dress paired with a loose; boyfriend style looking, blazer. What takes this outfit to the next level, the color of the blazer. I’ve mentioned that having a basic blazer is a must, but having one with a unique touch helps you create looks for each season. This is the perfect color for this time of year. Very simple and sophisticated.

I wanted the blazer to stand out, so I picked some neutral accessories to go with it. This is the type of outfit that has to go with some pointy toe heels. I wanted to keep the summer feel to the outfit and decided to go with white shoes. And let me tell you, it goes perfectly!

Isn’t this the most perfect basic bag ever?! It has all the basic color your need. And you can basically combined it with any outfit. For me, this adds the serious element to the outfit. It’s structured, it has black, white and the gold details that the blazer also has. So it was definitely an easy choice.

The Perfect Work Outfit for this Summer - Pin

I really really love putting outfits like this together for work. It makes me feel so much confident, positive and gives me that extra boost of energy I need to get going. I do feel THIS IS the perfect work outfit for this summer!  I’ve always love fashion, and mostly affordable fashion. Being able to create an outfit with as little spending as possible is such an excitement for me.

Fun Fact

I always wanted to go to FIT in New York to study fashion. I even took design and sewing classes back home and created different pieces, which I still have BTW.


Wooden Watch: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

My favorite month is almost here! On September 15, 2017 I married the love of my life and I can’t believe it’s our one year wedding anniversary already. Time has past by so fast! My husband and I have been together for 7 years now and this past year has been the most amazing of all! Needless to say, I need to have the perfect anniversary gift. And I do!

The Perfect Anniversary Gift - JORD Watch .

With this being such an important date to celebrate, only a timeless gift could represent it. My husband is all about unique watches, it’s his favorite accessory, so this JORD wooden watch is the perfect anniversary gift for him. We chose the Frankie style in Ebony and Gold. This style if part of their Men’s watches section.The combination of the dark wood with the gold details makes this such an elegant piece. A piece he can use everyday and to any occasion. With your basic pieces or your most lavish outfits.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift - JORD Watch Close Up

This is such a great gift to give, not only as an anniversary gift but for anyone you love and appreciate. It comes in the most detailed wooden box; which smells AMAZING, and everything you need to take care of your wood watch. And, if you want to make this a more meaningful gift you can engraved your watch. Gifting an engraved watch makes it a lot more special. This and so many other reasons is why I think this is the perfect anniversary gift for my husband.

fun fact

My husband is an old soul when it comes to romance, which I absolutely love! So, almost 7 years ago; September 15, 2011, he asked me to be his girlfriend on one of our favorite beaches back home. Fast forward 3 years, on September 15, 2014, and he proposed, same day, same spot. Fast forward 3 more years and we got married on that same September 15. Only wishing we could’ve got married on the same spot.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift - JORD Watch.

To celebrate my anniversary with y’all, I’ve teamed up with JORD to gift one of you a $100 credit toward the watch of your choice. Also, we are giving each entrant a 10% discount code just by participating. THE GIVEAWAY WILL END SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 16 AT 11:59 P.M. CST. The winner will be chosen by JORD, and will be announce shortly after.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift - JORD Watch


Step 1: Follow me on Instagram – HERE

Step 2: Like my entry giveaway picture – HERE

Step 3: Complete your giveaway entrey – HERE

Good Luck and THANK YOU for participating!

Check out their men’s watches here, and their woman’s watches here. They have so many beautiful styles.


Luxury Wooden Watch

10 Basic Pieces you Need In Your Closet

Going shopping for what’s on trend is a lot of fun, and I know we all love it. We all want to be on trend and be on top of the fashion game. But there are some basic staple pieces we all need to rock out outfits even more. So, today I’ll be sharing with you guys my 10 basic pieces you need in your closet. What’s great about these basics is that you can wear them all year long, these are not specific to one season only.

Having all these basic pieces in your closet will help create a better canvas for all those trendy pieces. We would be looking like clowns if we were to incorporate all the trends of the season on one outfit, right?! This is another reason to keep your basics on the natural palette. White, black, beige, grey… You can have all sorts of color combination if you start with a natural palette. What are the 10 basic pieces you need in your closet??? Keep on reading.

White Tshirt

This is such a staple! First of all, white goes with everything. A white t-shit is a very versatile basic that you can easily dress up or down. You can pair this up with some denims and sneaker for a more casual look. Or, pair it up with some black trousers, a blazer and some pumps and you are good to go to work or even a night out.

White Button Down Shirt

This piece will help you give some structure to your outfit. There are so many different styles of these type of top that you can pick and choose the ones that fit more your style. You can choose between the fabric, they type of neckline or even the type of sleeve you want. The most basic one is a simple cotton button down but if you’re like me, you have to go a little extra to make that piece pop while at the same time keeping it pretty basic and simple.


Hands down the best layering piece! Minimum I have this in black, white and navy blue. This go very well under jackets, blazers and even alone. In the summer I love wearing these alone because you always feel fresh and comfortable. Once the transition to fall starts to arrive these would pair well with cardigans, leather jackets, denim jackets.


Oh this is one of my favorites! Blazers give so much structure and personality to your outfit and they instantly make you feel like a girl boss. This is another basic that you can pair more with your style. I suggest sticking to basic colors like black or white. Going to heavy on style with a bold color will limit your options on how many times you can wear it or the different ways you can rock this basic.

Little Black Dress 

The LBD we can never forget about. I think this is one of the easiest outfits you can put together and instantly look like a million bucks. This is another piece that you can adapt to your style. There are so many styles of LBD you can choose from. You can choose the fabric you like, the length, the type of sleeve and so many other things. But always always keep it classy and versatile.


This is one of the basic pieces you need in your closet ASAP. This piece is so versatile. You can use it for going to work, running errands and even for a GNO. Always choose black as your basic color, this will help you have a lot more outfit combinations and you will be able to maximize this piece.


Who doesn’t own denim?! But for your basic piece don’t just choose any type of denim. Be very specific of the type of fit and color these will have. Think, if you can only have one pair of jean, how would they be? Lean towards a high waited, straight leg mid wash blue jean. They pretty much go with any type of outfit.

Black Jeans

This is another perfect piece you all need. Styling a pair of black jeans is the most easy task and you can literally be out the door withing minutes. For me, this is the piece I gravitates towards when I honestly don’t have time to put an outfit together. Black goes with anything and since this piece is jean material is very easy to dress up or dress down.

Pointy Toes Pumps

This are my favorite type of heels. There’s something about them that makes me feel like a million bucks. These type of heel make your legs look longer and makes you look feel a lot more sophisticated. I have these in white, black, nude and I kinda want them in red also. This is the perfect style of heel that look amazing in every color and with any type of outfit.

Tennis Shoes

I feel this is the it trend right now. Everyone is rocking the “dad sneaker” trend. And don’t get me wrong, I love it, I just don’t see myself buying those type of sneaker. I’m more of a classic Adidas tennis shoe. The one that looks sporty enough to rock a more laid back outfits but not so sporty that looks like I’m going o the gym. if that make any sense… Would you agree?

You can instantly make all these basic pieces look a lot more by adding some accessories. Include statement earrings; see my favorites here, add a belt, you can also add a scarf to it, here are different ways to use one. There are endless possibilities to spice up your basic pieces to make them look amazing.

10 Basic Pieces You Need In Your Closet

If you have all these basic pieces you need in your closet you can conquest any outfit. Don’t think that because these are basic timeless pieces you can’t find them in affordable retailers. Wrong, never think that way. I’ve found my very best basic pieces at places like Target, Forever 21, H&M and so many other affordable stores and online stores. So, if you’re like me, always start with what you know best. Always take care of them and they will literally last you so many wears. Hope these 10 basic pieces you need in your closet helped you in any way. Please go ahead and let me know what are your favorite basics and why! Would love to know your answers.