It’s been so long since I’ve wrote a blog post in here. I’ve been all over the place and not going to lie, I’ve been trying to figure things out… well… basically LIFE. So much has happen that is making me shift my mindset and re-think certain things. For example: what’s my purpose with this blog?

To give a little bit of a back story, I recently embarked on a new position at work that requires 115% of my time. At the time, I was very exited, but at the same time terrified, to try something new. Sales is not an easy job, and can be frustrating at time (most of the time). But it give you so many tools to be successful in so many other areas. And to top it all off… we are buying our first home! So between the job and this process of building this girl here has had no time!

I’ve been wanting to hit reset on this blog for quite some time now. And this goes back to asking myself what is my purpose with Never out of Style?!…. For me this question started when I got accepted to LikeToKnow.it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exiting to be part of that platform like many of the bloggers I follow. But, I have to be honest with myself… I’m not here to be a sales person. That’s one thing that I saw myself trying to be . I was more focused on having a great feed, trying to be accepted to this type of program, that I completely lost focus on what I really like and want to share.

So that’s when the HITTING RESET comes to play. I want to share with you guys what I really like and how I do things when it comes to fashion, beauty and everything else. I gave myself the task of sitting down and just writing down what I love the most about these things. And every time I though about it, I was constantly reminded of how I would emulate my sisters looks with a lot less. For me that was my favorite challenge growing up!  My tricks and techniques to pull off a killer outfit with $20 – $30 at most.  And to be quite honest, most of the time I inherited all the clothing pieces my sister would purge. For me that was like going shopping.

So from now on I will go with my gut and share my current favorites like… What I do while thrifting, or what are my favorite beauty products, or how I just came up with a killer outfit with x amount of money. Being able to be raw and actually show ME will be the center of this blog. Lots of homemade videos, and unplanned IG feed.

So with that said… let this journey begin! Again!


All I want to do is share what I really love! And hope you love it too 🙂


Get Ready for the Holidays – Smilie Brilliant

If you know me, you know I’m a coffee lover. I drink coffee every single day. It’s definitely one of my weakness. But as much as I love coffee, I know how bad it can be for my teeth. It can cause staining and let’s be honest… that doesn’t look cute at all! I’ve never tried a whitening system before, so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to collaborate I got really excited. And this collaboration came right on time to get ready for the Holidays.

Today I’m sharing with you guys Smile Brilliant’s easy and simple process to have a whiter smile. The best thing about this is that you can do all this treatment from the comfort of your own home. Upon receiving the box, you will find everything you need to start the treatment. You’ll receive:

• 3 sets of the impression material (Base and Catalyst) – You get an extra set just in case you have to redo one of the impressions.

• 1 set of trays – for upper and lower teeth.

• Whitening Gel

• Desensitizing Gel

Smile Brilliant - Package

The process is very simple, and you will receive very detailed instruction on how to start with your process.

• CREATE YOUR CUSTOM IMPRESSION – To start you will need to mix the base paste and the catalyst paste together, place this on one of the trays and then press it on either the upper or lower teeth. Make sure you cover your gum lines. You need to make one impression at a time.

• MAIL YOUR IMPRESSIONS – They provide you with a pre-paid package for you to send them your impressions. You will also receive a card with some questions that you need to answer and return with your impressions.

• RECEIVE YOUR CUSTOM TRAYS – You will receive your custom-fitted trays within a week or two after you send them.

• START YOUR TREATMENT – Start off with the whitening get. Apply a strip of the Whitening Get to each of your trays and leave it on for about 1-3 hrs. They recommend starting gradually on your sessions to avoid any sensitivity. Right after the whitening session apply the Desensitizing Gel the same way but for about 15-30 minutes.

Smile Brilliant - Flatlay

Smile Brilliant - Products

Smile Brilliant - Application

Smile Brilliant

As far as my experience, I have to say I did enjoy it. From creating the impressions at home, which let me tell you was very interesting to see, to do the treatment itself. During the treatment, I did experience some sensibility but with taking a rest day during the schedule I had, which was every other day, was enough for me to feel better. Of course, I will still continue to do these treatments every other week to maintain the color on my teeth, it has been quite the change. Also, the holiday season is arriving soon, and I want to look my best, so I can’t think of a better way to start getting ready for it. To demonstrate the results here’s a before and after.

Smile Brillian - Before and After

Also, it is important to know that not everyone reacts the same to this type of products. I had to to around 10 sessions to have this results. Some people need more, some need less. But always take your time with these process.

now the most exiting part!!!

I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant for an exiting GIVEAWAY! We are giving one of their whitening kits to one of you guys! It’s super easy to enter, you just have to do 3 easy steps.

GO directly to this link and finish up your entry!

You can also use neveroutofstyleblog15 for 15% off your purchase at Smile Brilliant.


Tips and Tricks on Thrift Shopping – All you need to know

Thrift shopping is one of the greatest things I’ve discovered when I moved here. I’ve always had the mindset that the clothes they offer in these type of places are in very bad conditions and are basically not worthy of buying. But boy was I insanely wrong! You find so many great pieces, some of them not even used, for such great prices. And who doesn’t love to find their favorite brands for just a fraction of the original price?! I know I do 🙂 So here I’m sharing with you guys my tips and tricks on thrift shopping.

Tips and Tricks on Thrift Shopping


Weekends are so busy and hectic, so you’ll probably won’t find that much. People usually do their donations during those days because that’s probably when they have the time. With that said, thrift stores do their re-stock during the week. Trust me you will have better luck during the week. And they also have better sales going on during the week.


Going during the week is not only one of the best ways to go thrift shopping but the earlier you go the better. You will be the first one to find those hidden gems. Is a lot less crowded and you will basically have the store to yourself.


Always go comfortable. You never know if you will end up trying something on. At first I used to not try anything at all and by the time I got home and tried it it did not fit. So there are somethings I do try on at the store.


Having time on your hands is key to visit these types of stores. You will basically have to go through each item to score some good stuff. You never know what you can find on each section. So I go section by section, sometimes looking at the bigger sizes just in case some misplaced something.


Let me start by telling you that if you go thinking of a specific outfit you will not find anything, so go open minded. I take my time looking at everything and sometimes I will even fill up my cart. Have your phone with you so you can look up different ways to style the pieces you like and from there do a process of elimination.


I think this is really important. The price point of everything on these type of stores will influence your buy so much. So don’t buy just to buy. You might end with something you will never use and you will end up spending money on something you don’t need. Be smart even though you are going thrift shopping.


Now this is a must. Even though most of the thrift stores I visit are in very decent conditions you can never be too careful, so always bring your hand sanitizer with you.


If it doesn’t fit, it goes to the bin. I like to have a bag in my closet for all those things that end up not fitting I end up tossing it there for my next donation. Every so often I take time to check out my closet and if I have not used it in about 6 month’s (not including seasonal pieces) it goes to the bin. When I have enough pieces I either sell or donate. My favorite places to sell is Uptown Cheapskate and Plato’s Closet. For donations I always to go Goodwill. They have such a great message behind what they do.

You would be insanely surprised of what you can find on a thrift store, you can event find one of your most favorite basic pieces in one of your trips. So if you’re still thinking about visiting one please do. There are so many hidden gems on these stores that who knows, you might find some designer pieces on one of those visits. If you know your style and what suits you the best you will find great things, the possibilities are endless.


Have you found any hidden gems while thrift shopping? Really hope these tips and tricks on thrift shopping help you at least a little. Please let me know what are your favorite thrift stores and what you have found. Also, any other tips are more than welcome.


My Best Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re like me, shopping if one of your weaknesses. Yes I admit it! But with time we all learn a thing or two when it comes to shopping hacks. With time I’ve learn the how to’s, the when, the were, I’ve learned it all. And I like to think that I’ve made some good decisions a long the way. So I wanted to share all those details with you and tell you my best shopping hacks you need to know.

do your research

When we go shopping is because we want something. It can be a specific item or because we are looking into creating an outfit. I recommend this with trends. As we all know, trends come and go, so do your due diligence and research. First, is this part of your style? Will you wear this more than once? How long will this trend be going on? Ask yourself all those questions before making the move on buying something that you will stop using 3 weeks from purchase.

Create inspiration boards

Pinterest will be your best friend through this process. I can honestly say that I go to Pinterest, almost daily, to find different outfits as inspo. Check out my Pinterest page here. Create one or multiple boards defining your style. Some can be for work, other can be for a night out. Having an inspiration board will help you go shopping more focused.

be part of their email list

I know what you may be thinking, my email is going to get flooded with emails from all these different sites and brands. Yes, that’s true. But this is a great shopping hack that you need to know and you need to start doing. There are so many impromptu sales that happen, mostly online, that you can take advantage of.  If you don’t want your email filled with all these promotions, create a new one only for this type of thing. And that’s the only email you are going to give stores and brands so that they can send you all their good stuff through email. I know most people hate giving their emails. And to be hones I don’t give my email to every store, only the ones I do frequently buy from.

Shop on holiday sales events

We all know those times of the year were retail stores goes crazy with sales. I mean, Labor Day, Christmas, Black Friday… and the list goes on and on. If you’re not in a hurry wait till one of those sales event to buy what you are looking for. And something I’ve notices throughout the years is that some retailer have an even better sale happening leanings towards the holiday. So always keep an eye on your favorite retailers on those big dates.

Shopping Hacks you Need to Know.

Always start at the sales section

This has become a habit of mine. I’ve always been a girl on a budget, so is natural for me to start from this section. For me, this is one of the best shopping hacks you need to know. You can find so many good stuff in these section. Sometimes they even have a sale of the sale going on. I’ve found pieces that end up being $1.50. Some of them even from the current season. I’ve found dresses, kimonos, jeans and so many other amazing pieces,basic pieces are among these finds. If you know your style, you can full off an outfit from the sale section and no body will even know how much you ended up paying for it.

buy off season pieces

You can save so much money by buying off season pieces. Most of them are on sale and you can get a lot more for your money. You may not find the latest designs but you can invest more in your basic pieces, check out the basics you need here. Keep that inspiration board handy and look for those style pieces that you once pinned. If you keep this with your favorite basic pieces you will end up having a much more richer wardrobe throughout the seasons.

use ebates

I can not even begin to tell you how much you will save with this. This is by far the best shopping hack you need to know, my favorite. If you don’t know what Ebates is, you need to click here and start your account like yesterday. This site gives you cash back on every site partner that you shop on. And they have a ton of retailers. I use the plug in in my computer, and every time I visit one my favorite sites a notification pops in and tell me how much percent in cash back I can get. I’ve literally been able to shop out of the cash back I’ve earned.

Shopping Hacks You Need To Know - Pin

Going shopping does not mean you have to spend all your money. Or that you have to buy everything that’s on trend. You just have to be a lot more smarter and savvy while shopping. It will save you time and money. These are my best shopping hacks you need to know, I use them all the time and it has worked wonders. Hope it does the same with you guys. Let me know on the comments down below what other hacks you practice that works for you.