Pink Scalloped Dress

Love at first sight!

This hot pink scalloped dress caught my eye instantly… I mean how could’ve not.

I don’t know about you but I just love going to Marshalls and see what I can find, you know those #FabFinds. This time I scored big time. I found this really cute, hot pink scalloped dress for only $15…yes you read that right $15.

This is such a perfect color. Perfect for this Spring/Summer season.


What I love the most is that you can literally wear this for every occasion. A girls night out, to the office, to a wedding, I mean anywhere! It has the perfect length, is not tight but at the same time accentuates your figure and makes you look very flattering.

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I paired this with some light blue block heels, which I think match so perfect. And another #FabFind, this time from TJMaxx. This light/pastel pink purse, which was another love at first sight kind of moment. Last but not least, my QUAY Australia High Key X Desi. These sunglasses are A-MA-ZING!!!!!


Isn’t it exciting that when you least expect to find something on these type of store is when you find so many good things!

Here I’m linking a couple of similar option for you. This is such a staple in our closet!

Scalloped Dresses

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Blocked Heel Sandals

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Light Pink Purse

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Do you shop in Marshalls or TJMaxx? What has been your best buy so far? Be sure to let me know on the comments 🙂



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