Favorite Summer Bags

I feel this is the year of accessories! So today I’m talking all about my favorite summer bags.

It’s no secret that you can instantly vamp-up your casual and basic outfit by adding some cute and fun accessories. Not that long ago we talked about statement earrings, so today is all about that summer bag.  This season I’ve seen so many different styles! Some too big, other too small, for the waist, made of bamboo and others from straw. There are so many cute and fun trends out there!  And yes, I want them all!

But for me, this is the area of my wardrobe that I get to be creative and can be risky. Not that long ago I started to change the way I buy and started to get a little bit more serious on my clothes. I’m focusing more on basic and statement pieces, choosing more solid colors and stepping away of trendy patters. But, I do still want to be on trend. So accessories is my way to go for these trendy pieces. Here are my favorite trends.


This style is super on trend right now and to be hones, I don’t mind at all. This is such a great bag. It’s spacious, comfortable and goes with pretty much every wardrobe of this season. I found mine in a local store here in Dallas but there are so many places you can find them now in such great price.


I found this bag at Ross while looking for a birthday gift for my brother. This is why I love these type of stores, there are hidden gems! It was the only one and I immediately grabbed it! It is so cute, and I’m glad I found it in black. Is good to have variation and not the same color in everything.



This is my most resent one. I bought this clear bag on one of my first buys form Shein. I love this bag, I’ve worn it so many times and even though is a bag that does not fit so many things is very spacious, comfortable and chic!


This one is an oldie but a goodie. Let me tell you that this accessories obsession was inherited… I got it from my mama 🙂 So as this super cute and beautiful embroidered clutch. This is a stunner.


You might have seen this one here. This Nine West cross body bag was only $20 and I found it at TJ Maxx. Fits so many things and it looks so much like the YSL bag. I wanted to incorporate pastels into my wardrobe in some way and when I saw this one it was just game over LOL!

When I obsessed about something I go all in. Lately I’ve been buying bags a little bit more than what I should. But they are all affordable, I swear!!! I like to frequent stores like Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx because I know I will definitely find something I would love that’s on trend. And they all have so many great affordable options.

I feel this addiction is only going to get bigger and bigger! What’s your favorite style or your favorite store to hunt for great buys?! Be sure to let me know down on the comments.


8 thoughts on “Favorite Summer Bags”

  1. I do not think I own a single thing of bamboo! Great suggestions for each material. I TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls as well! I was really upset when our nearby Ross closed down last year.

    1. I would be really upset also. Those stores are the real MVP when it comes to great finds!

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