My best DUPES!!!

As long as I can remember fashion has been something I’ve always been passionate about. And although I live on a budget I also like to have certain staple classic pieces in my closet. In most cases I can’t afford designer pieces but I’m always on the hunt of that great quality, similar looking, classic staple piece for my collection.

I’ve never been the type of person that is willing to splurge on any given item, either being a piece of clothing or accessories. I’m very specific on what I spend my money on.

With this being said, I have a couple of pieces, most of them shoes and bags, I’ve been able to find that are very very similar to designer brands for just a fraction of the price. I love to have a statement piece in my outfit and I always like to keep it in the accessories.

*Unfortunately I purchase most of these items a long time ago, so I won’t have a link for them*

Gucci Marmont Belt Bag $1,100 VS. Forever21 Red Belt Bag $18

This trend started not that long ago and of course I wanted to jump right into it. Initially I wanted something more reserved and simple, but let’s face it, this is not the trend that you should keep on the simple side. I bought this while on my trip to NY this past January. And although initially I bought a pink one, I came back to the store and picked this one up. This will give your outfit the statement you need.


Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag $1,950 VS. Ross Stores $13

The color of this bag is perfect for everything. I found this dupe one of those days you just go shopping with nothing in mind and just see what you can find… Well I found a lot of cute stuff. πŸ™‚ The dupe I found has a chain shoulder strap, which I don’t find appealing at all, but the essence of the Chloe bag shows.


Chloe Nile Bag $1,690 VS Ross Store $22

On the same Ross Store run I found the Chloe Faye dupe, I found this one… and let me tell you this bag is AMAZING! Every time I wear this bag I get a complement or someone stops me to know where I got it from. I have been wearing this bag non stop lately. That was a lucky day for me πŸ™‚

nile bag

YSL Classic Tribute Sandals $895 VS Agaci Store $$27

Fun fact about me: I always start looking on the shoe section every time I go online shopping. This time it payed off. I found an identical pair to the YSL Classic Tribute sandal in Agaci online. I added these to my cart as fast as I could. I knew they would sell out in a blink of an eye. These dupes are super comfortable and what I love the most about them is the versatility of them. You can wear them with jeans, to work, for a night out, for every thing. And best of all, they are super comfortable.

ysl black

And of course, when you find such an amazing shoe you can’t just buy it in one of the colors, you have to buy them all. I also bought the beige one. And this is the perfect beige color.

ysl beige

Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle $350 VS Amazon $20

I would say this is one of the trendiest pieces in IG at this time. And of course, I had to be part of it. I found this dupe in Amazon and let me tell you… it does the job! I have to admit the design of this belt makes your outfit look 10x better. This Amazon belt really surprised me. The quality of the “leather” belt and the design of the buckle would make you think it’s genuine.

gucci belt

David Yurman Cable Bracelet $395 VS Sam Moon’s $6

First of all, this store has everything you need for jewelry. It’s a huge store, so you have to go with time and browse around. I found these cable bracelets and immediately thought of David Yurman. Something I always like to do is Google or look in Pinterest different designs of pictures of the item to see what they look like or what different options of designs they may have. These bracelets are very classic and will make your outfit look so much better.

david yurman

Chloe Pixie Round Bag $1,550 VS Romwe $24

This is my most resent dupe buy. I was browsing around Romwe the other day and this bag immediately caught my eye. I’m still waiting for this one to arrive in the mail but I’m really exited to get it and start styling it.

chloe pixie

Like I said in the beginning, fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about. But I’m always on a budget and I can’t afford to buy all these expensive designer shoes, bags or accessories. And to be hones, I don’t think I’ll ever buy something that expensive when I can pull it off with a similar item.

I’ve always like the process and the challenge of pulling an expensive looking outfit together with a very small budget. In some way, this has been part of my shopping methods for some time now.

Do you have designer dupes in your collection? Let me know where you go shopping or what are your shopping methods to find pieces like this that a crazy similar to designer brands.

Thank you so much for stopping by…




*Unfortunately I don’t have links for these dupes*Β  πŸ™

7 thoughts on “My best DUPES!!!”

  1. Love the Chloe Faye Dupe, blush is my favorite for Spring, and I actually like it better with the gold hardware! I’m such a gold girl. Thanks for putting this all together πŸ™‚

  2. That Gucci belt dupe is literally spot on — I may just have to pick that up. I’m not too much of a belt wearer, so to spend $300 on a Gucci belt felt wrong to me. So glad I’ve read this post.

    All great picks! x


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