Pampering Myself

Today is all about pampering myself! How often do you guys take time to dedicate to yourself? I have to be honest, I’m guilty of not dedicating enough time to myself. And I think at one point we all go through this. Life gets so frikin hectic sometimes that we forget almost everything. And it should NOT be that way at all. So today I decided that it was ME time! I’m going to do the L’ORÉAL Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask. Let’s chat a little while this does wonders for my skin 🙂

First things first… this mask. The mattifying one is the one I like to use because I have really oily skin and I do think this helps my skin type. Right after I rinse this off, my face has a cooling feeling and it feels so smooth. Don’t you just love that!

Now… let’s talk!

Why is it that when we start to work on something we really like is when we are the most insecure? Does that also happens to you? Let me know on the comments down below. Ever since I started to think about starting my own blog, although I was really really exited, I was overthinking everything. Even the things that did not cross my mind for years. What would my family think? Will my friends think is a good idea? What will anybody that I know, and don’t know think? There are so many other questions that came into my mind that I honestly consider not doing anything. And don’t get me wrong, I still feel a lot of insecurities about myself and this process that makes me question why. But when I really put things into perspective, if I’m doing something I really enjoy and feel good of why do I want to stop?

Is true when they say that we are our biggest obstacles. I think that one of the biggest eye openers I had was trying to preach something that I really believed in but was not putting it into practice on myself. Why? Confidence being one of them. I was focusing more on the things that can go wrong than the thinks that can and will go right. Being on the right mindset will get you to your greatest self. You will have more of an open mind, be more creative and willing to change.

Practicing self love and having confidence is a hard shit to do. But the reward will be better than what you imagine. What do you guys do to pamper yourself physically and mentally? SHARE!


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  1. I love to do face mask to pamper myself, as well. I do think that we hold ourselves back, like you said we over think everything. I have had the same insecurities with my blog. We just have to motivate ourselves to continue especially if it’s something we love.

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