Scoring great pieces at awesome prices

Scoring great pieces at awesome prices

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So, a while back I mentioned that I was working on a blog post all about my tips and tricks on how to score great pieces at awesome prices. Y lo prometido es deuda…asi que aqui esta.  If you have not seen the Instagram post, click here. Now, I showed you a very cute high-low lavender dress I scored for $1.80. Yes, you read that right! One dollar and eighty cents 🙂 It’s no secret that I love shopping… but, I’m also on a extremely low budget. Specially now that we are house hunting.  I can’t be spending $50 on a dress or a pair of shoes just like that. So I’m always on a hunt for great deals.

I wanted to share with you some tricks I have to score great pieces at awesome prices. That being wither clothing pieces, accessories or even shoes. Now, these are not only SALES that are going with retailers or stores,  but different ways you can have save up.

Scoring great pieces at awesome prices

Scoring great pieces at awesome prices
Scoring great pieces at awesome prices

My favorite one and to be honest, the one I do the most. If you ask me every other about my outfit, I will 100% have something I thrifted. And please, don under estimate the power of thrifting, you can find high end brand names from Christian Dior, Prada and many more, to Banana Republic, Loft and many other. While thrifting on normal days is cheap as hell, they also provide different discounts on specific days. Some days the even do 50% on everything at the store. So imagine buying something for, let’s say, a dollar!


When you are at your favorite store, always start at the SALE section. You will be surprised! That’s exactly how I found the lavender dress for $1.80. It was part of the sale section. It was 50% off the original price and it had a 70% off on top of it because it was damaged. Lucky me that the damage was the odd sleeves it comes with. Other than that, the dress was intact! So always make sure you are starting at the sale section of the store.


I know these are so annoying sometimes. But, there are times that 1. you get to know about a sale first than anybody else. And 2. there are special promotions for email subscribers only. There are times that these promotions are on top of any sale the website has. So if you have to create a new email just for brand promotions then so be it!

Scoring great pieces at awesome prices

Scoring great pieces at awesome prices


I do this all the time. It helps me get some retail therapy without buying anything. But it also helps me to get an additional discount. If you leave something on a website cart, most likely you will receive an email saying… Hey, you forgot something?! And they provide you with a 10,15 or even 20% off of what’s on your cart.


Ok, this right here is basically what you should NEVER skip and always do! Weather you are buying online or even in store. While browsing coupons online I’ve found better deals with these type or coupons than what the retailer is providing on the website or even the email promotions. And also, Ebates ( now known as Rakuten) will be your best friend while shopping. There are so many stores that are part of their program weather you are buying online or in store. Get cash back and when you least expect it you have a $20 check to you PayPal so you can use anywhere. I mean… get paid while spending money!

There are so many ways you can save up while shopping. Early this year I decided to buy smarter, and that’s what I’ve been doing. Less patterns, more neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been sucked into different trends, but I either buy very cheap, or buy something that incorporates the trend but I can use as the seasons go on. Scoring great pieces at awesome prices has become my way of buying anything in my closet, and honestly I’ve saved up a lot.

Really hope this help you guys in any way.


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