Shein Clothing Haul and Review

I’ve always been the type of person that if I can find what I love more affordable I’ll go for it. And when it comes to shopping for me, affordable is the way to go. I’m constantly looking to expand and be more creative with my wardrobe, while keeping it classy and versitile. I love being on trend, but at the same time find different pieces that I can use throughout time. If I’ve heard  a million times about Shein is an understatement, so I decided to give it a change. Placed an order and wanted to share with you my Shein clothing haul and review of the pieces I got.

White Puff Shoulder Mesh Top

I love versatile pieces like this one. One thing I really love is being able to incorporate trends like this one with my style. I’ve followed the transparent trend for a while and not everything I’ve seen fits my style. The fact that I was able to find a piece that I can dress up and down makes it worth your money. The fabric is very breathable and comfortable. You can easily dress this up for work with a pencil skirt or some black trousers or dress is down with a pair of jeans or a jean skirt, like I styled it here.

Ruffle Hem Buttoned Up Skirt

This is the perfect summer skirt! The ruffles, the buttons, the fit of this piece is beautiful. It’s 100% cotton so this skirt is super comfortable and breathable. I ordered this one size M and if fit amazing! I’m a usually a size 26/27 in bottoms. I love pairing it with some sandals and/or some wedges. This skirt will make your legs look a mile long!

Ruffle Hem Dress

This is such a flattering dress. In addition to the ruffles, which I love, the fact that it has a red gingham print made me love it so much more. It hugs your body very nicely and makes your booty pop with the ruffles at the bottom. One thing I have to say, is that is a little too short for my liking. As much as I love this dress I don’t think I’ll be wearing it that often. Don’t want to show too much you know.

Clear Wooden Handle Bag

This has been one of my favorite purchases of this summer. I’ve worn this bag so many times for so many different occasions, like this one. For me, this is the perfect piece to buy when you want to experiment with a trend. The transparent trend has been around for a little while and to be honest, I don’t see myself spending too much of my time and money on it. So finding pieces like this one and the White Puff Shoulder Mesh Top I mentioned above makes it so much easier for me to be in trend without breaking the bank.

Striped Skort Set

This is the most famous two piece set I’ve seen in IG. And of course, I had to give it a try! Although I really wanted this set, this is what I hesitated the most with. The sizing in these type of retailers varies a lot, so I read almost all the reviews available before making my decision. I love this set and the sexy element it has to it. And the fact that you can wear both pieces in different ways makes this so worth your money.

Deep V Plunge Knot Swimsuit

This one piece is a dream! I love the way it fits and how sexy it looks. I’ve been wanting a one piece for a long time, but I wanted to find one with a sexy feel to it. Since I’m not showing as much skin as having a two piece, I wanted to finding one with a plunge neckline. I think you should always showcase what you love about your body, it will empower you. The fact that I found what I wanted in red made the buy a whole lot easier, this one piece is amazing, see it here.

I have to say that this shopping spree was very much successful! Everything fitted as expected and for the price is unbeatable. My biggest suggestions with this retailer is before purchasing something, read the reviews. Always read the reviews! This will prevent you of having to return something or having a bad experience. I took my time with each item I bought and I do not regret it.

There are so many ways to save up when you are buying online. For trends that come and go, retailers like this are the way to go. You can find almost everything and you won’t have to break the bank for it. Also, and you have seen me mention this, use EBATES. This will help you save up some cash on every purchase. Check them out here. And this is not sponsored in any way, although I wish! I just genuinely love this and use it all the time.

Tell me on the comments down below if you have purchased anything from this retailer and what was your experience! Would love to hear what you guys have ordered.


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  1. You scored such great pieces! I love the ruffle hem dress & skort set. Everything looks great on you!

    How was the shipping? I’m thinking of ordering some things.

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