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If you know me, you know I’m a coffee lover. I drink coffee every single day. It’s definitely one of my weakness. But as much as I love coffee, I know how bad it can be for my teeth. It can cause staining and let’s be honest… that doesn’t look cute at all! I’ve never tried a whitening system before, so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to collaborate I got really excited. And this collaboration came right on time to get ready for the Holidays.

Today I’m sharing with you guys Smile Brilliant’s easy and simple process to have a whiter smile. The best thing about this is that you can do all this treatment from the comfort of your own home. Upon receiving the box, you will find everything you need to start the treatment. You’ll receive:

• 3 sets of the impression material (Base and Catalyst) – You get an extra set just in case you have to redo one of the impressions.

• 1 set of trays – for upper and lower teeth.

• Whitening Gel

• Desensitizing Gel

Smile Brilliant - Package

The process is very simple, and you will receive very detailed instruction on how to start with your process.

• CREATE YOUR CUSTOM IMPRESSION – To start you will need to mix the base paste and the catalyst paste together, place this on one of the trays and then press it on either the upper or lower teeth. Make sure you cover your gum lines. You need to make one impression at a time.

• MAIL YOUR IMPRESSIONS – They provide you with a pre-paid package for you to send them your impressions. You will also receive a card with some questions that you need to answer and return with your impressions.

• RECEIVE YOUR CUSTOM TRAYS – You will receive your custom-fitted trays within a week or two after you send them.

• START YOUR TREATMENT – Start off with the whitening get. Apply a strip of the Whitening Get to each of your trays and leave it on for about 1-3 hrs. They recommend starting gradually on your sessions to avoid any sensitivity. Right after the whitening session apply the Desensitizing Gel the same way but for about 15-30 minutes.

Smile Brilliant - Flatlay

Smile Brilliant - Products

Smile Brilliant - Application

Smile Brilliant

As far as my experience, I have to say I did enjoy it. From creating the impressions at home, which let me tell you was very interesting to see, to do the treatment itself. During the treatment, I did experience some sensibility but with taking a rest day during the schedule I had, which was every other day, was enough for me to feel better. Of course, I will still continue to do these treatments every other week to maintain the color on my teeth, it has been quite the change. Also, the holiday season is arriving soon, and I want to look my best, so I can’t think of a better way to start getting ready for it. To demonstrate the results here’s a before and after.

Smile Brillian - Before and After

Also, it is important to know that not everyone reacts the same to this type of products. I had to to around 10 sessions to have this results. Some people need more, some need less. But always take your time with these process.

now the most exiting part!!!

I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant for an exiting GIVEAWAY! We are giving one of their whitening kits to one of you guys! It’s super easy to enter, you just have to do 3 easy steps.

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