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Ok… let’s continue to talk about spring trends. But now let’s talk about spring accessory trends. For me it’s so fascinating all these new trends just because sometimes that’s just what you need to take your basic outfit to the next level and make it more trendy.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Belt Bag

BELT BAG – This trend has been going on for quite some time now. But of course there are new styles based on color, prints and textures. I love this type of bag and although I only have two styles they are very different and they definitely make a statement.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Mini Bag

MINI BAG – If you go to my Instagram you will see my obsession with this one. I don’t have tini tiny bags but small enough to not fit my phone. These type of bag will instantly make your outfit look trendy. And they are just so fun!

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Basket Bag

BASKET – These are BACK! Just like last year, basket bags are back. But this time they are coming out with more diverse styles. These scream it’s spring/summer and I’m totally here for it. Specially with the weather Dallas is treating us with. I love these, it makes me feel I’m going to the beach.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Clear Bag

CLEAR – This is another spring accessory trend that made it’s way in again. Clear bags are all that right now. And although we’ve seen these before, I’m seeing it more on clutches. And I really like them but let’s be honest, they have to be Instagram worthy all the time.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Sneakers

SNEAKERS – I have been obsessing over sneakers lately. And I’d never thought I’d be the kind of person who would wear sneakers almost all the time. But I really like them! You are always comfortable and it’s a great way to dress down any outfit. My favorite way to style these now is with a very girly outfit, like a dress or with a skirt. Add some sneakers and it will instantly look like it’s just fresh out of the runway.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Odd Platform Heel

ODD PLATFORM HEELS – Now this is a cool spring trend. But I honestly don’t this goes with my style that much. But who knows… maybe I’ll change my mind.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Easy Sandals

EASY SANDALS – Now this is a
spring accessory trend I’m currently on the hunt for. Winter is over and now what we all love to do is give all those closed shoes a rest (but not sneakers tho). Sandals are such a great piece to have. They will make your outfit look more elegant and simple but at the same time all put together.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Pearls

PEARLS – This is THE
spring accessory trends of the year! From belts, to hair clips and earrings pearls are everywhere. And for a good reason tho… they look a-ma-zing! I am obsessing over them and all the different ways you can use them this season.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Lots of Gold

LOT’S OF GOLD – It’s all about the gold now. And I’m loving it! I’ve seen all different kinds of gold mostly on earrings. For jewelry that’s the way to go this season.

Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Heart Earrings

HEARTS – Fill up your ears with hearts! I’m a sucker for statement earring and of course this trend is so me. From pearls, enamel, gold and so many others, this is by far one of my favorite.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Sunglasses

I like to call these the Bad Bunny Style! Super fun, trendy and just cool shape of glasses. They come is such a big range of shape and sizes that there’s something for everyone.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Scarfs

There are so many ways you can play around with a scarf, see here. You can use it on your head, ponytail, and even your purse (my favorite way to use it). They are such a playful piece to add on to any of your outfits… specially for spring and summer.


Spring 2019 Accessory Trend - Hair Pins

If you have not seen these all over Instagram you’ve probably haven’t been on the app for way too long. First of all, hair accessories are the IT trend right now.

There are so many different spring accessory trends to choose from to adapt to your style that it will be impossible to incorporate some into your outfits. I love being able to include my favorite ones into what I already have in my wardrobe and of course my style. What’s your favorite one? Hope you really liked and enjoy this.


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