Spring Trends 2019

Spring Trends 2019

A new season is about to begin, that means new trends are about to go BOOM. If you are anything like me you prepare yourself (and your bank account) for the new season’s fashion trends. Spring is just around the corner and this years trends are hotter than ever. So, let’s take a look at these Spring trends 2019.


They say it’s the color of the season. And to be honest, I’m not mad about it. I love vibrant colors like this one. They portray happiness and just a really good vibe. A really cool way to wear it is on a monochromatic look. Which it may be a little to bold for me but I love it!

Spring Trend 2019 - Yellow


Talking about vibrant colors, right! Neon is everywhere now. And although I really like it, I don’t love it on everything. I love it the most on swimsuits. Neon colors are gorgeous on swim wear. Another way I’m kinda slowly liking this new spring trend is on shoes. There are some shoes that are with neon colors that look awesome.

Spring Trends 2019 - Neon


We started seeing this trend on bags, which I’m super obsessed with. Now this is transitioning onto clothing. Being a Caribbean girl myself, this has always been something you have in your closet but only for when you go either to the beach or to a pool, you know use it as a cover up. But now, it’s transitioning into street style. Use it alone with some undergarment (go rock that girl!) or with they layering technique. It’s definitely a fun trend for this season.

Spring Trends 2019 - Fishnet


This trend has been strong for some seasons now. And to be honest I don’t see it going anywhere! I love a good dot print… I mean who doesn’t? There are so many ways to incorporate this trend of different clothing pieces. So go and rock it out!

Spring Trends 2019 - Dots


This one came strong with the cargo pants ( which I’m not quite the fan). But when it comes to outerwear and jumpsuits… OMG this is one hell of a comfortable trend. My favorite color to wear this trend in on olive green. I feel it gives it so much meaning and certain type of roughness (whatever that means LOL!). I’m obsessed with jumpsuits with this trend, just love it 200%.

Spring Trends 2019 - Utility


Fringe has come and go, but feathers is kinda like the new kid on the block (at least for me). I have them here on the same section because they kinda are similar. Currently I’m on the hunt for something with feathers, but still no luck. I am so in love with this new trend!

Spring Trends 2019 - Fring Feathers


This is one of my favorite ones! And although I’m not the most extra person when it comes to my style I love a good statement outfit. From the multi-layered tulle skirt, to the super puffed sleeves top. I find it so risky, which is why I love it so much. Found this gem not that long ago and I’m obsessed!

Spring Trends 2019 - Very Extra

All these new spring 2019 trends are fun and adventurous. Very bold! What I love about trends like these is that you can incorporate them into your own style and make it something unique. Also mix and match some trends will definitely give you a killer outfit! A lot of trends come and go but I believe it is up to you to keep the style alive. All throughout the season I will be posting outfit ideas of all these trends which are my top 7 spring trends of 2019.


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