Tips and Tricks on Thrift Shopping – All you need to know

Thrift shopping is one of the greatest things I’ve discovered when I moved here. I’ve always had the mindset that the clothes they offer in these type of places are in very bad conditions and are basically not worthy of buying. But boy was I insanely wrong! You find so many great pieces, some of them not even used, for such great prices. And who doesn’t love to find their favorite brands for just a fraction of the original price?! I know I do đŸ™‚ So here I’m sharing with you guys my tips and tricks on thrift shopping.

Tips and Tricks on Thrift Shopping


Weekends are so busy and hectic, so you’ll probably won’t find that much. People usually do their donations during those days because that’s probably when they have the time. With that said, thrift stores do their re-stock during the week. Trust me you will have better luck during the week. And they also have better sales going on during the week.


Going during the week is not only one of the best ways to go thrift shopping but the earlier you go the better. You will be the first one to find those hidden gems. Is a lot less crowded and you will basically have the store to yourself.


Always go comfortable. You never know if you will end up trying something on. At first I used to not try anything at all and by the time I got home and tried it it did not fit. So there are somethings I do try on at the store.


Having time on your hands is key to visit these types of stores. You will basically have to go through each item to score some good stuff. You never know what you can find on each section. So I go section by section, sometimes looking at the bigger sizes just in case some misplaced something.


Let me start by telling you that if you go thinking of a specific outfit you will not find anything, so go open minded. I take my time looking at everything and sometimes I will even fill up my cart. Have your phone with you so you can look up different ways to style the pieces you like and from there do a process of elimination.


I think this is really important. The price point of everything on these type of stores will influence your buy so much. So don’t buy just to buy. You might end with something you will never use and you will end up spending money on something you don’t need. Be smart even though you are going thrift shopping.


Now this is a must. Even though most of the thrift stores I visit are in very decent conditions you can never be too careful, so always bring your hand sanitizer with you.


If it doesn’t fit, it goes to the bin. I like to have a bag in my closet for all those things that end up not fitting I end up tossing it there for my next donation. Every so often I take time to check out my closet and if I have not used it in about 6 month’s (not including seasonal pieces) it goes to the bin. When I have enough pieces I either sell or donate. My favorite places to sell is Uptown Cheapskate and Plato’s Closet. For donations I always to go Goodwill. They have such a great message behind what they do.

You would be insanely surprised of what you can find on a thrift store, you can event find one of your most favorite basic pieces in one of your trips. So if you’re still thinking about visiting one please do. There are so many hidden gems on these stores that who knows, you might find some designer pieces on one of those visits. If you know your style and what suits you the best you will find great things, the possibilities are endless.

Have you found any hidden gems while thrift shopping? Really hope these tips and tricks on thrift shopping help you at least a little. Please let me know what are your favorite thrift stores and what you have found. Also, any other tips are more than welcome.


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