Work Wear Wednesday – Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Blog Banner

Another work outfit coming at ya! What do you guys think of Work Wear Wednesday?!  I have to be honest, dressing for work is  hard work. Having to put outfits together the entire week is not an easy task. You have to think about what pants to wear with this top, what shoes combine, what purse to add to what outfit and to top it all off… no outfit repeating for at least 2 weeks. I always say that you have to give people time to forget before wearing an outfit again. Now, having statement pieces like this foil stripe tie-sleeve shirt makes my planning a lot more easy.

 Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

For me, this is a statement piece. Think of it as this being the main subject. You work around this top and combine it with your best basic pieces, see my must haves here. This time, I paired this with my favorite black Banana Republic trousers (which I thrifted), my black pumps and my Chloe Nile bracelet bag dupe, that you might have seen here. This is another great outfit for you go to a client meeting, a corporate meeting, or for just being the fabulous you from 9-5.

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt - Details

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Now, let’s talk about the details… The top is covered with foil gold. This is such an elegant detail and helps you bring a little bit of color into this outfit, if you’re wearing all black like me here. And the tie-sleeves, this is my favorite attribute of this top. It’s the fun element of the entire outfit. Details like this will let everybody know that you obviously know what you are doing and that they can call you boss from that point onward. LOL, I wish right!

Work Wear Wednesday - Foil Stripe Tie-Sleeve Shirt -Pins

Aside from being a statement piece, this is also a very versatile piece. You can combine it with almost anything, jeans, skirts, colored trousers, basically anything! This was a Christmas gift from my beautiful mom, so I don’t have the link for you guys. I do have some similar tops that I’ll link down blow. This foil stripe tie-sleeve shirt style is one thing for sure you need in your wardrobe. Do you have a statement piece like this? Let me know on the comments down below… Also, tell me what do you guys think about starting a series, maybe once or twice a month of Work Wear Wednesday… Let me know!!!


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    1. I actually have a black tank top underneath. What I really love about this one is that is not see through.

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